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Minimalism is calling

April 17, 2017

Ever felt overwhelmed by stuff? Things continue to clutter your living, mental and now digital space so it’s no surprise that there is a shift towards ‘less is more’.

I have decided to absorb as much information as I can on capsule wardrobes, minimalism and mindful consumption.

The seeds of minimalism were planted when…

I was moving into a new apartment and said to my new housemate that I’d help him move his things. Two moving truckloads packed to the brim and hours trudging back and forth in the snow. Truck, house, truck house. It felt like it would never end. When it did, the empty, new, ground-floor apartment was filled with stuff. Back then it didn’t phase me as I only had a suitcase and once everything was in, it felt like a home.

This was five years ago when I moved to Canada on a year working visa. During my time to and from Canada, I loved living with minimal possessions. That year I bought a handful of clothes, some I still have to this day. I only recently moved out of an apartment where for six months we had minimal furniture in the common areas. A hammock, table, chairs and tv. 

Where I’m at now.

I love the idea of minimalism and avoiding overconsumption. I have sufficiently curbed the intake of new items and continue to donate things I don’t love. However, I still feel overwhelmed with things. Even though I felt like I was living light the past six months, when it came to moving, I still filled over a car load of stuff. 

So over the next bit I’ll be exploring different minimalism concepts, blogs and ideas including devouring everything from:

  • unfancy.com – Capsule Wardrobe blog
  • theminimalists.com – Essays, book and a great Facebook feed. 
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (book)

Plus more. Please share your favourite books and blogs below on minimalism. 

Maybe you can relate?

Do you feel that sense of desperation and frustration when you have ‘nothing to wear’ or you’re looking for your favourite t-shirt buried in a drawer full of stuff you ‘sometimes wear’? Or you put am item of clothing on but then always take it off because it’s ‘just not right’? Or perhaps you hang on to items, clothing, furniture because they hold a memory?

Join me as I cull the unnecessary and declutter the physical space to clear the mental space?

Share your thoughts, tips or favourite resources below! I’d love to know your story.

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