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July 3, 2017

I would actually love it if everyone I knew had a blog.

Like a no-shame, fearless and honest archive of what actually floated their boat. Whatever the niche, if my friend or family member was passionate about it, I’d love to read all about it. If I’m out for coffee with a friend and they mention they want to start a blog, I’ll quickly swing back into my digital marketing mode and say I’ll do whatever it takes to set them up with a domain and platform to get started. Unfortunately, most never do take up blogging because it takes time, perseverance and it feels really confronting to put your words and image out there.

For the love of the blog, here are some of my favourites in fashion, lifestyle and mindful consuming. The list is ever-growing but I’ve simply listed the ones that keep me going back for more. I’m also up for suggestions so post your faves in the comment section below!

Sincerely Jules / Julie Sariñana

When I noticed that half of my ‘Style’ Pinterest board was mainly Julie, I started actually reading her blog posts. Although I love her outfits and holiday snaps, from a blogging point of view, Sincerely Jules is one of the most well-styled blogs out (fonts, page layouts, mood etc). It’s effortlessly minimal, chic and fresh.

New Darlings / Robert + Christina

Once again, found via Pinterest. I pinned various versions of their living room before following on Instagram. Follow as this beautiful couple renovates their home using mid-century modern decor and indoor plants. They also travel, put together awesome his and her gift guides and take stunning photos.


Un-Fancy / Caroline Joy

Heard of The Capsule Wardrobe? It was Caroline’s take on the tradition Capsule Wardrobe that caught my interest. I didn’t apply it to my own wardrobe but I have enjoyed watching out many outfits can be made out of a few, key seasonal pieces.

Tales of Ardour / Tiffany

love to travel but I’m currently homebound for the time being. Tales of Ardour is my escape and my travel lust is satisfied thanks to her gorgeous photography and the stories behind her adventures. Her insights, honest writing style and actually transports you.

Kristen Leo

Although her website hasn’t been updated in a while, I mainly follow her Youtube channel. I found her on a Youtube spiral one day when it came to how-to videos on cleaning out closets. She has stacks of videos on being vegan, tutorials and ethical fashion.

Sustainably Chic / Natalie

Definitely one of my favourite sustainable blogs and Instagram feeds out there. Natalie’s posts prove that eco, sustainable and ethical clothing can look gorgeous. She is constantly blogging about honest, interesting and innovative brands and companies.


Shantides explores ethical and sustainable brands with posts that are accompanied with some of my favourite blogger photography. I love the nature backdrops and dark, wintery tones to her images. A truly humble exploration of consumer behaviours while putting the spotlight on brands that deserve it.

Meraki Blog / Iona

Had to include another Adelaide blogger! If you’re over fashion bloggers that never smile and pout as they jet set around the globe, then follow Meraki Blog. I love her creative style and the amazing backdrops from wherever she is travelling at the time. With handy travel tips, DIY posts and smiling face, it’s hard not to want to follow her adventures.

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