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Remarkability by Lorraine Murphy

March 21, 2017

Here are my thoughts on the book, Remarkability by Lorraine Murphy.

Why I picked it up:

Remarkability popped up on my Instagram feed and caught my eye. The book was written from the perspective of someone that started a blogger talent agency and worked in PR. For me they were two things that made me think, ‘I could learn something from Lorraine Murphy.’

Then the day before Christmas, I was in a rush to get a gift in the Hervey Bay book store when it caught my eye once again. I made an ‘I’ll treat myself’ excuse (because going on a holiday wasn’t enough?) and spent most of Christmas Day with my nose in a book. Sorry family.

Now, I don’t have a business but I am fascinated by business, women in business and entrepreneurship. I am part of The Female Entrepreneur Association and insist that the majority of my reading and listen list contains business/ career development books. For some reason, since I started uni, this has been my go-to type of book, blog or Youtube channel. I’d like to think that I will one day utilise my marketing knowledge and combine it with my accumulated business knowledge and apply it to a future project or idea.

Why I loved it:

Author, Lorraine Murphy hides nothing when it comes to the ups and downs of building her business. I was instantly captivated by her life in Ireland, thriving career in PR, move to Sydney and her light bulb moment to create a talent agency for bloggers.

It’s a story that encapsulates the new industries, career roles and business opportunities that the internet is creating due to changing and evolving user behaviours. And then, even better, a success story after persevering to carve out a new, thriving business within an area that wouldn’t have existed five years earlier. 

I loved how open and honest Murphy was when describing her experiences (good or bad) and how approachable it made the book. Remarkability is easy to read with actionable steps at the end of each chapter and loveable anecdotes sprinkled throughout. 

My Key Takings (remember I don’t run a business):

Plan ahead

I have been told in the past that I plan too much. So I stopped planning. The result, making poor decisions because my end goals were really vague and at most times of decision making, non-existent. Murphy plots out how to set goals and describes the importance of being clear and firm. My key action: create a vision board.

Assess where you’re at in life with The Life Wheel

I came across the ‘Wheel of Life’ in The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod but only really took it on when Murphy describes how evaluating your life can help plan what’s next and what areas need work.

As we all know, a wheel needs to have reasonably even edges to roll along. If one particular area is falling particularly short, our imaginary wheel won’t be able to roll – meaning that that one area is affecting the overall quality of your life. 

–  Lorraine Murphy, Remarkability

It’s about maintaining balance and not letting one aspect weigh down the rest.

What to know more about how it works? Here’s a great resource.

Focus on productivity and organisation

From decluttering, to organising finances to planning daily tasks, Murphy let us in on her tried and tested method. She guides you through how to crush tasks and boost your productivity in all areas. To me, this was super useful for both my professional and personal environments. 

‘Feed Your Brain’

This book emphasised the need to learn, from books, events, seminars and conferences. I am a strong believer that we need to keep learning and continue to up-skill and build our knowledge. Murphy breaks down her learning channels and helps the reader determine their own self-learning path.

As mentioned before, where I’m at, I’m not running a business but I will definitely pick up Remarkability when I do need a productivity boost or end up on an entrepreneurial quest. Murphy also includes a pretty extensive recommended reading list that I’ll definitely revisit once my own, 2017 book list is complete.

Wondering if Remarkability is for you? If you need a bit of a roadmap to guide you through building your business, definitely give it a go.

Murphy provides SO many tips, tricks and hacks to get you through every aspect of business (HR, marketing, leadership), while also incorporating how to manage yourself throughout the process (dealing with stress, setting goals and maintaining wellbeing). Her anecdotes and humour means this book isn’t dry and dull like other business books. It’s super easy to read and has actionable steps at the end of each chapter making it a great reference over time.

Highly recommend!

Follow Lorraine Murphy on FacebookInstagram or visit the new website for The Remarkables Group.

Since I read Remarkability, Lorraine has completely pivoted The Remarkables Group to act as a strategic, unbiased and expert advisor to brands on their influencer strategy.

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