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Sugar-Free September and Why?!

August 30, 2018

If I don’t write about it, I’m less likely to go through with it. To me, going sugar-free is kind of a big deal because I do love chocolate, treats and live around the corner from one of the state’s best bakeries. Here’s a quick little blog post where I share why and how (I think) I’ll get through #sugarfreeseptember.

What is my motive behind it

Everyone has their ‘why’ behind life experiments like this and mine was driven when I became a Mum.

  1. I was concerned about how much artificial sugar was getting into my milk supply and passing through to my little man.
  2. I didn’t want to go on an extreme diet, detox or exercise program to lose some post bubs kilos in case it messed with my milk supply. Plus finding the time to exercise is a little more challenging these days!
  3. I love a good life experiment and I know the benefits of going sugar-free and aware of the impact that sugar has on wellbeing (mental and physical). It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and see if there are any physical, mental or changes in energy levels.
  4. Prove to myself I can give up my not-so-nutritious-favorites. I am lacking in a little discipline and willpower so thought I’d start encouraging these behaviours.

(My) Rules for Sugar-free September

So I’m not really into reading the labels of everything I go near so I thought I’d make some clear rules for myself and I recommend you to do the same. I see them as boundaries or reference points so I there are no blurry lines that could result in slipping up (bingeing out infront of The Bachelor).

My rules:

  • No chocolate (unless it’s sugar-free). Chocolate is my main weakness.
  • No ‘treats’ from supermarkets, bakeries, cafes/ restaurants or from friends. If I decided to get my bake on, I’d be using natural sugars… to my next point
  • I’m a true believer in the health benefits of honey, plus my ayurvedic doctor just prescribed some delicious herb filled honey to curb cravings and help with my health. So honey and fruit (natural sugars) have the green light
  • No alcohol

Basically, I’d really like to get rid of a lot of processed and artificial sugar in my diet, learn more about how much sugar is in everyday products and cook a little more from scratch.

My partner, Chad is more than supportive of this decision to go sugar free, in fact he’s a little bit of an advocate. Another sweet tooth that has curbed the dessert cravings and seen some good results in his health.

His rules are simple:

  • No ‘treats’ or desserts
  • Alcohol on the weekends
  • Gatorade for his weekly basketball game

Yes, I made a private Facebook group (feel free to join!)

Someone had to hold me accountable! So I made a little private Facebook group with some like-minded ladies who are keen to support each other and share our experiences. I needed a little more education, motivation and accountability myself so I reached out to some friends and family and found some that were keen as a bean! The group may fizzle or thrive but thought it would be a great place to share recipes, research and share wins.

If you’re keen to join at any time during the month, shoot me a message or follow this link and I’ll add you in.

I have a grand vision of super nice and non-judgey people joining. If you’re not into Facebook groups, tag our little hashtag #sugarfreeseptember✖️🍩  on Instagram to add your two cents, wins or inspo. Yes, that’s a cross next to a donut (it’s a message to my brain to say ‘don’t go to the bakery’). 

Okay, so I’ve hit published, so that holds me accountable. Now that I have had my final binge by smashing a packet of Tim Tams (why do I do this to myself?!) and feel sufficiently sick, I’m ready for a (somewhat) sugarless September.

Remember to hit me up if you’d like to join our support group!

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