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My Top 3 YouTubers (and they’re all Australian)

July 26, 2018

Being a first time Mum, the only way I can explain it is having lots of time and no time at all and during this time, I have discovered three amazing, Australian YouTubersThere are some days when Bodhi just wants to cuddle, meaning, I’m pinned down to the couch… and it’s not the worst thing thanks to my favourite YouTubers. I figure while I’m watching TV, I might as well be educated and entertained. So I have been binging on the latest things that interest me most: blogging, minimalism, entrepreneurship and personal finance. If you were hoping for top cat video channels… you may be in the wrong place.


Ahhh, the stylish Canna Campbell. This savvy, Sydney based financial planner is full of tips on fashion, money, motherhood, minimalism and how to build the ideal capsule wardrobe. She makes money, saving and investing easy to understand, motivating and approachable. I’m constantly inspired to make saving fun, educate my partner about passive income streams and then also motivated to streamline my home and wardrobe. I am also currently listening to Canna’s book The $1000 Project and loving it!

Sorelle Amor

Sorelle is one of the most captivating personalities I’ve found on YouTube. She’s a breath of fresh air with her videos on influencing, travel, photography and content creating. As someone wanting to learn more about photography and content creating, I find her to-the-point approach is perfect for those that want to see how it’s done.

Erin May Henry

Erin’s value doesn’t start or end on YouTube. I actually follow her Instagram (particularly her insightful Instagram stories), Facebook Live videos, her podcast (The Erin May Henry Show) and am part of her May Collective Facebook Group/ Community. Erin is my go-to for a kick up the bum. She posts useful how-to’s and her insights on business, marketing, personal branding, content creating and so much more. If you’re starting out as a blogger, want to be an influencer, starting a business or keen on upping your productivity, check her out.

Thanks for checking out my favourites! Please share yours, I’m always keen to find new channels.

Header picture via Pexels.com

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